• RoHS2


Round tip prevents damage to components.

Package Contents

Round tip prevents damage to components.

This product is made of stainless steel, but a strong magnet might slightly stick.
Size and precision vary by piece.

Product Specifications

Model Tip Shape Length Weight
TS-10 Standard Approx. 120mm Approx. 19g
TS-11 Fine Approx. 140mm Approx. 15g
TS-12 Standard Approx. 115mm Approx. 15g
TS-13 Round Approx. 120mm Approx. 19g
TS-14 Extra fine Approx. 115mm Approx. 17g
TS-15 Curved Approx. 120mm Approx. 15g
TS-16 Standard Approx. 120mm Approx. 20g
TS-17 Round Approx. 165mm Approx. 30g

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