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Quick measuring. Shorten your routine.

Package Contents Sensor 3 pcs

Accurately Measures Tip Temperature in Just a Few Seconds

Calibration certificate not included. Please request with order. (Paid service.)

Wide temperature range 0-700°C (1292°F), as is necessary for soldering work. The tolerance stays in the range of +/-0.5% of the full scale (excluding sensor error). The sensor’s structure makes easy tip placing. It achieves stable & accurate measuring within seconds, regardless of shape, or angle of tip. Easily replaceable sensor. *0-700°C is the range with (optional) sensor probe TM-100SP. With the standard sensor TM-100S, measurable 0-500°C (932˚F).

Product Specifications

Model TM-100
Voltage AA battery LR6 x 4pcs : 6V
Dimensions 83 (W) × 41(H) × 140(D) mm
Weight 150g (w/o battery)
Temperature Resolution 1°C
Measuring Range Sensor TM-100S: 0-500°C

Probe TM-100SP: 0-700°C

Accuracy 0-500°C : ±3°C  501-700°C  : ± 4°C
Operating Environment 0-40°C, 20-85%RH (no condensation)
Accessories Sensor 3pcs

AA battery LR6 x 4pcs

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