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SOLDER POT [cast-iron bath]

Economical and erosion-resistant cast-iron bath.

Package Contents

Economical and erosion- resistant cast-iron bath.

Lead-free applicable bath. Perfect for pre-tinning of transformer leads or small PCBs. Accurate PID temperature control. (sensor feedback ON/OFF control available) Temperature adjustable up to 500°C. Assured temperature control with the digital key-lock function. lSafety housing design.

NOTE: The weight does not include the cord.

Product Specifications

Model POT-50C
Voltage 110V-130VAC 50/60Hz 220V-240VAC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 470-610W 370-430W
Max. Temp. 500˚C
Heater Ceramic Heater
Control System  PID Control
Power Cord Length 1.5m Inlet type
Solder Bath Material Cast Iron
Max Solder Volume Approx. 850g
Unit Dimensions 174(W)×142(H)×285(D) mm
Solder Bath Dimensions 50(W) × 50(H) × 50(D) mm
Weight 3kg

NOTE: The weight does not include the cord.

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