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News Attention: Counterfeit goods and trademark infringement of our products

Thank you very much for using our products.

Currently, we have confirmed that counterfeits of our products, and products infringing on trademark rights are being distributed worldwide.
Products that are counterfeit or infringing trademark do not meet our quality standards, which may lead to customer safety and quality issues.
Therefore, when purchasing our products, please be sure to confirm that products are manufactured by TAIYO ELECTRIC IND. CO., LTD.

In addition, please note that we cannot take responsibility in the case of a failure or an accident caused by products which are counterfeit or infringe a trademark right.

We have registered trademarks and designs in various countries around the world, and we will continue to deal with counterfeit goods and trademark infringements.

We would appreciate your long and continued use of our products.

Please contact us if there is anything unclear.

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