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Product Revision: Desoldering Wicks (CP Series)

We are changing the knitting of some of our desoldering wicks (CP series) from Tubular to Plain.
As PCB mounted components become smaller, so do PCB patterns.
This change will require less solder.
To satisfy our customers’ requests for greater efficiency, we are changing our wicks as per below.
We strive to give better service and more efficient soldering.
Thank you, for your continued support!

The applicable items:
[1.5mm width] CP-1515 / CP-15Y / CP-15B / CP-1515-10
[2.5mm width] CP-2515 / CP-25Y / CP-25B / CP-2515-10

Revision: Tubular Knitting to Plain Knitting

Price: No change

New Plain Type will be provided from June, 2016.
As Tubular stocks run out, please understand that you may receive CP series in new Plain knitting type.


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