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New Products: Solder in Paper Package etc.

We are pleased to inform you of new solder wire products. For details, features, and composition, please refer to each product webpage.
We continue to make every effort to develop new products and improve our services. Thank you for your continuous support.
Release date (Immediate delivery): June 20, 2023

New Eco-friendly Packaging

To reduce plastic waste we have changed the packaging of 30 solder wire products (100g or less) from conventional blister packs to paper.
This will reduce plastic waste by approximately 80% for solder products. (*Compared with our company)

Solder Products in Paper Packages
-Silverーfree Lead-free Solder 70g roll, SF-C7 Series
-Silver-free Lead-Free Solder Small Amount, SD-7 Series
-Lead-based Solder 70g roll, SE-7 Series
-Lead-based Solder Small Amount, SD-8 Series

NEW "Silver-free, Lead-free Solder" solves the SAC305 Problem!

We have launched an extensive line of "Silver-free, Lead-free Solder" for the purpose of improving workability, for hobbyists and professionals. Silverーfree, Lead-free solder is composed of tin, copper, nickel, and germanium.

1. Excellent wettability results in beautiful fillets.


2. Suppresses copper corrosion in through-holes.


3. Suppresses shrinkage.


4. Suppresses growth of alloy layers, and forms stable alloy layers.

<Silver-free, Lead-free Solder Products>
1. SD-7 series for Hobby use in small amount
2. SF-C7 series for Professional use 70g roll
3. SF-C5 series for Professional use 500g roll
4. SD-301 for Hobby use in small amount