Control Unit

High-performance Control Unit.
256 soldering conditions can be registered.

Package Contents

High-performance Control Unit.

・256 soldering conditions can be registered. ・Easy-to-operate large color touch-panel. ・Japanese, English, Chinese, Spanish. ・Standard I/O port can be connected with various robots. ・Memory card function, and tip temperature output to monitor can be added as options.

About Optional Functions

Memory Card Reader/Writer

You can save soldering configurations on memory cards.Very useful to copy the data to other FA-1100 Control Units and also to backup.(Please use MultiMediaCard or SD card.)Tip Temperature MonitorTip temperature output by 1-5V analog voltage.An off-the-shelf data logger would be helpful to monitor temperature control.

Model Optional Functions
Memory Card Reader/Writer 1-5V Analog Voltage Output

Product Specifications

Control Unit


Rated Voltage AC 100V、110-120V、220-240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 180W
Number of Soldering Programs 256
Tip Temperature Range 50〜450℃
Tip Temperature Preset 6 settings
Input Air Pressure Dry Air 0.4〜0.5MPa
Alarm Display Heater disconnection/Temperature sensor disconnection/Solder clog/No-solder, etc.
Dimensions 140(W) × 280(H) × 240(D)mm
Weight 8.6kg

Solder Feeder Unit


Solder Diameter φ0.5、φ0.6(0.65)、Φ0.8、φ1.0、φ1.2

Soldering Unit


Heater Voltage/Power 24V/150W
Length 135mm(Soldering Unit only.)
Weight Approx. 370g (Soldering Unit only)

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