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Manual pumps suck up solder. Plunger pumps are light, strong, and economical.

Package Contents


Jumbo Size

Large vacuum capacity

Self-Cleaning Shaft

When the plunger is pushed, a piston extends out the nozzle. This prevents solder build-up.

Plunger Lock Function

The plunger can be stored inside the shaft by pushing it in completely, and pressing the vacuum release button. Compact storage.

How to Change the Nozzle

Product Specifications

MODEL GS-100 GS-104 GS-108
Color ivoly
Length 330mm 275mm 190mm
When Stored 240mm 205mm
Weight 89g 65g 25g
Diameter ø23mm ø19mm ø14mm
Applicable Nozzle GS-100N GS-108N

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