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Manage solder feed length and soldering time digitally.
Can be interlocked with external equipment by External input / output function

Package Contents FD-180 Main Unit
Touch Panel
Solder Reel Shaft
*Solder, iron unit, and optional parts with iron unit are not included.

*FD-180G, V-groove unit, and Nozzle are sold separately. Solder in this image is also not included. (Temporary hold on new orders)

Separatable Main Unit and Touch-panel

Ideal for cell production and incorporation into automatic processes.

External Input / Output Terminals

For interlocking with Poka-Yoke jig

Solder-splash Prevention V-groove Function (Unit exchange type)

V-groove processing enables flux gasses to escape, reducing scattering of solder and flux which is a cause of defects.

Input Number by Touch Panel

Intuitive operation with touch panel is possible. You can manage solder feed length and soldering time digitally.

Product Specifications

Model FD-180
Power Supply Voltage 100-240V AC 50/60Hz
V-groove Function Available
Power Consumption 20W
Power Cord Length 1.5m inlet type
Applicable Solder Diameter φ0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.6  Allowing Lead-free
Solder Feed Speed 1-50mm/ sec
Solder Feed Amount 400mm (Max.)
Reversed Solder Speed 1-50mm/ sec
Reversed Solder Amount 30mm (Max. )
Program Capacity Max. 30 programs
Condition of Solder Feed Max. 30 kinds per 1 program
Language Japanese / English / Chinese
Size Feeder Unit 100 (W) × 270 (H) × 163 (D) mm
Touch Panel 153 (W) × 125 (H) × 72 (D) mm
Weight Feeder Unit 2.8kg (w/o cord)
Touch Panel 1.0kg (w/o cord)

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