CUSTOM TIPS...and more

CUSTOM TIPS...and more

Tips Just for You

We can do non-standard custom-made tips in small lots, for both
manual soldering and automatic machines.
Your tip directly touches on quality and workability. We find
solutions to your problems that cannot be solved with standard


  • Integrated Manufacturing in Our Own Factory

    Doing everything in-house guarantees the highest quality outcome.

  • Custom Specs

    We can customize special shapes and sizes.
    You can tell us if you need plating,
    what kind of plating, what thickness,
    and so on.

  • Small Lots

    Small lots? No problem. We can take care of you.

Examples of Customization

  • Micro soldering tips

  • Connector processing

  • Flat tips for sheet metal or chassis

  • Ultra-fine hot tweezers

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